Corona virus worried about declining follower count.

Wuhan, China:- In the beginning, I was happily stuck inside a bat cave or was it a lab in Wuhan, I don’t know. Thinking about it, both of them were dark and damp, but who cares I was happy where I was.

Before going viral, I was just happy infecting miners in the remote corners of Wuhan, who apparently suffered pneumonia. I don’t clearly remember how I came into this world. I was drunk that night; that hangover from the previous day.. was it wine, vodka or good old Baijiu. I felt like I was in a wet market or was it a lab. I could definitely feel the touch of a bat-woman. Nobody knew me or cared for me. Well I did not even have a name. I was not really novel nor 19 when i came to the world. However people around me were afraid to call me by my name. Was the name not cool? I felt sad and depressed at the thought..I felt woohan was such a sweet name as opposed to my current moniker.

Selfie time!

And there all of a sudden I popped out, I felt free.. Like a bat out of the womb. I could travel. I was no longer just meant to be in Wuhan.. across China i traveled through bus, train and car..but that was not enough… I could take the plane out of the communist paradise to see the world and I did. My followers increased and not everyone was alive to tell the tale.

Presidents discussed about me, scientists lied about me, people were scared about me and journalists as always were clueless about me. Felt good to be important I say..I was simply too happy jumping from one barely masked face to another. I couldn't stop checking my follower count. I had to pretend I didn't care but all i was looking at was my follower count. Not too bad for a virus with apparently unknown origins.

I was not done yet or so I thought. Do vaccinations work? I didn't trust them so did millions and I always could transform myself to something different. They dint even have proper names for me or my bros.. alpha, beta, gamma, delta .. they don’t look like the names of my comrades..My follower count is definitely slowing down.. but for how long ?

Serving satire and fake news in half. Everything is fictional. Period. No offense intended or taken.